The Montgelas Society Award 2015 ceremony was held in Munich on the 24th of September at the Bavarian Parliament

Since September 2009, the Montgelas Award has honored every year a Bavarian personality and a French personality that contributed to the spiritual heritage of the fonder of Bavarian state, Maximilian von Montgelas, and promoted collaboration between France and Bavaria.

This year, distinctions have been given in presence of Reinhold Bocklet, Vice-President of Bavarian Parliament, by Albert Füracker, Deputy Minister of Financial Affairs and Regional Bavarian development and François Loos, Vice-President of the Region Alsace.

On the French side, Thierry Breton was awarded for his work as Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry and CEO of European Digital Services Company Atos. Mr. Albert Füracker formulated his esteem saying: ”The reforms implemented under his impulse captured the spirit of Montgelas and have inspired the Bavarian modern tax policy.”

On the Bavarian side, the Award has been handed to Doctor Ludwig Spaenle; former Minister of Education, who considerably contributed to the development of a common administrative culture in Bavaria.

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