As we now look towards 2020, we are observing that the pace and impact of technology on business and society is increasing.

People are spending more of their day interacting digitally on multiple devices. Products and services (consumer-oriented or industrial) are increasingly personalized, data-intensive and context-aware. At the same time, trust is becoming disintermediated and transactional as objects interact directly with each other and with people, generating valuable data streams.

However, whilst numerous core developments in the most disruptive technology applications are growing exponentially, the rate of change is not always so predictable – progress is “lumpy” and in some cases, may even lead to dead ends.

Sometimes emerging capabilities combine to provide the kind of coordinated breakthroughs necessary to help realize innovations like fully autonomous vehicles, computerized medical diagnostics, genetic editing or smart virtual assistants. At other times, concerns over ethics or personal privacy will cause the application of certain technologies to stall or even backtrack.

Like ripples on the surface of a pond, “Digital Shockwaves” will emanate from different sources and interact with each other in complex patterns

At Atos, we have portrayed this situation as a series of Digital Shockwaves, like ripples on the surface of a pond, emanating from different sources but interacting with each other in complex patterns.

The business and social impacts of these shockwaves will intensify competition in all industries, require new employee skills.

To help anticipate the impact of these Digital Shockwaves, we have identified 4 possible sources of disruption, all of which are technology-enabled :

  1. Ways of Working : how people will collaborate with people, machines and virtual ‘beings’ in entirely new ways;
  2. Business Models : how companies are taking advantage of digital technologies to find new markets, business models and revenue streams;
  3. Disruptive Technologies : how certain specific technologies may single-handedly create notable societal and economic disruptions;
  4. Evolving Challenges : topics like security, whose constant evolution demands radically new reexaminations.

To fully realize tomorrow’s business potential, all companies must address the challenge of data ownership and data management. Who will own and control the huge quantities of data that will be produced and what are the most effective ways to process them?

Industrial Data Platforms will be the controlled medium for data-intensive inter-enterprise collaboration

Among other things, we expect the rise of “Industrial Data Platforms” as a controlled medium for inter-enterprise collaboration. Industrial equipment manufacturers will use such platforms to help protect their intellectual property and restrict visibility of sensitive performance data, whilst at the same time facilitate collaboration and co-innovation with other parties.

The most exciting times are ahead of us and I am happy to share with you today Ascent Journey 2020, a document containing Atos Scientific Community’s vision, as well as detailed insights on the areas of disruption and their potential for business. I am sure you will find this an essential guide to assess the impact of Digital Shockwaves on your area of operation during your journey towards 2020.